Franchise World Link is launched in Kenya

Franchise World Link – the innovative company aiming to connect players in the franchise industry worldwide and focusing on developing regions such as Africa, Asia, and North America – is pleased to announce the launch of their new country – Kenya.

Marie Vandenabeele, who has recently been appointed as Kenya’s country manager for Franchise World Link organisation, is sharing her views on international franchise opportunities in Kenya: “Kenya’s innovative franchise opportunities will improve its lifestyle. In the last 3 years we have seen several master franchises opening in Kenya, mainly in the food industry: Naked Pizza, Subway, KFC, Domino’s Pizza, and Ocean Basket, just to name a few. Other sectors with the biggest opportunities are clothing, baby clothing and accessories, furniture and decoration, beauty and cosmetics. Kenya’s affordability, quality and fast growing middle range brands increased the interest for the master franchise concept in Kenya. Owning the master franchise contract for the country simply means the ownership of the brand, the business concept and the operations in that particular country. Franchise World Link is also helping Kenyan concepts to export themselves to other countries”.

Marie, who has now been living in Kenya for almost 4 years and in the East African Region for the last 10 years, is experienced in financial operations, business development, and setting up international companies in East Africa.

With its 45M inhabitants and a continuously growing middle class, Kenya is developing very fast. The annual GDP growth rate is 5,5% and Kenya is now considered as an emerging market by the franchising industry.

If you own a business and are looking to expand to Kenya or if you are an investor looking to buy the master franchise ownership for a particular brand in Kenya, please contact Marie Vandenabeele who will be happy to introduce you to the right people in the country and to develop a business plan for your expansion into Kenya:

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